New Approach for Russian Corporations' support and protection



for Foreign Service Providers

• Project management: implementation and control all stages of industrial projects execution

• Clients relationship management: trustworthy connection to Russian Corporates

• Experts Recruitment: wide network of local professionals and expertise

for Corporates


• Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)–professional advice for investors and company owners interested in business purchase and sale

• Financial consulting and restructuring –due diligence, evaluation of business, restructuring distressed businesses.

• Exchange risk hedging –protection of businesses from sharp foreign exchange differences

• Company capitalization & liquidity management

• Arrangement of securities loans

• Consolidation of large shareholdings in companies on a by-order basis

• Purchase & sale of blocking

for Private and Institutional Clients

•Smart brokerage:a new approach to customer service

•Full range of derivatives:training and service

•Asset & Wealth management. Private and Institutional clients.

Офис Прихожая


Grandis Capital Group is an independent investment advisory group with the main field of expertise in the Russian and CIS financial markets.

Our key businesses are the investment and project management consulting in financial and industrial areas, asset & wealth management.

Due to our exceptional team, experience and deep local expertise Grandis Capital Group offers optimal solutions helping to deliver impressive performance in client’s projects in Russia and CIS.

Grandis Capital Group was established in 2007and made its first steps to acknowledgement in the wake of the global financial crisis. Almost since the incorporation, the core company of the group, Grandis Capital Investment Company, ltd., became an eminent brand on the Russian market in terms of trade volumes and the recognition by the professional community.


Our mission is simple:

to create value for our Clients and Partners

to support and protect our Clients and Partners in their projects in Russia and CIS



The main focus of our company is to provide support and guidance to Foreign Service Providers (EPC, technology, IT solutions) with establishing relations and cooperation with Russian Corporates. We cover all stages of client’s progression, including but not limited:

market research | business relations | local regulatory framework | project execution control and risk management | other administrative support

We have all necessary recourses, knowledge and experience for your successful business on Russian market.

Our team covers the following areas and business segments:




We have over 20 partners experienced in different areas:

Research   |   Tax&Legal   |   RiskManagement   |   Project management   |   ECM, DCM & Financing




Banking               Transportation                Oil&Gas               Metals&Mining               FinTech                  Healthcare

A long term cooperation with our clients and a number of mutual successfully executed projects resulted in building trustworthy relations and mutual understanding. The advantage of such strong relations with our clients secures further growth and confidence in future projects

Project Management Consulting

We help our Clients' product to be successful at the local market. We can assist with implementation of of strategic and project management in organizations, as well as the audit of the project.

Business Strategy


Audit of Client's business processes and KPIs,with purpose to form an effective working strategies, plans and perspectives. 

Expert Recruitment

According to the needs of Client we support them with professionals, who are competent to make the business processes more effective, optimize , transform and execute them in line with strategy of Corporation


more than

$350 million


more than

$100 million

 years in   investments and advisory industry

assets under management (AUM).  We provide access to the Russian stock market for international institutional investors who manage more than $500 million of assets allocated to the Russian Federation

countries (Russia, Cyprus, Guernsey) of geografical presence and more than 30 specialists all over the world in Grandis team

total value of industrial projects where we act as executors




Maxim Volkov


Head of the Board

The Owner of Grandis Capital

Business strategies developer, with experience in managing personnel and  execution of successful industrial projects powered by Russian corporations.


In 2019 became the first individual entrepreneur in Russia who was included in the Unified register of investment advisors of the Bank of Russia under No 44 on 10.06.2019 and is a professional participant of securities market.


Starting from 5th of July, 2019 is a member of Self-regulating Organization The National Association of Stock Market Participants (NAUFOR).


Before joining Grandis Capital, Mr. Volkov worked in Aton Group, one of the Russia’s top-10 financial investment companies. Mr. Volkov contributed to the Russian financial industry development, he actively participated in the work of National Association of Securities Market Participants (“NAUFOR”). In a position of an independent member of the National Clearing Centre’s Supervising Council Mr. Volkov developed new products. Mr. Volkov’s personal contribution substantially improved the risk management system of Moscow Exchange.

In 2016 Mr. Volkov moved to his own business, Grandis Capital Group.

Mikhail Kozakov


CEO of Grandis Capital Investment Company, Member of the Board


One of the Founders of Grandis Capital

Mr. Kozakov determines the Group’s strategy since Grandis Capital’s establishment  in 2008.

He started his career in financial markets in 1995 and worked for various financial investment companies as head of unit and business leader. In 2013 Mr. Kozakov became the CEO of Grandis Capital major business unit, Grandis Capital Investment Company LLC. Due to Mr. Kozakov’s strong leadership and wisdom Grandis Capital shows the highest financial results each year. Under his effective management the company staff is strengthened by highly qualified employees and partners, the concept of an individual and attentive approach to the needs of each Client  and protection ofClient’s interests was formed -  and it is still the basis of the company's philosophy and policy.

Dmitry Charakhchyan


General Counsel,

Member of the Board

Mr. Charakhchyan provides his legal advice for Russian financial institutions since 2004 when he joined Centreinvest Group, the top-10 Russian Investment Bank of that time. Serving as a lawyer to various clients for more than a decade, Mr. Charakhchyan has excellent reputation and solid expertise in debt and equity finance, derivatives, secured transactions, and other areas of financial law.

Dmitry Shatsky

Sales and Trading Department Director,

Member of the Board


Member of Grandis Capital team since 2008.

Mr. Shatsky has started his career in financial markets in 2004. Before joining Grandis Capital Team he was a Vice-President of Antanta Capital’s International Sales Department. Mr. Shatsky has wealth of experience in dealing with the major international investment  banks, hedge-funds, pension funds,  and other institutions.



Main office

Russia, Moscow 115054

Valovaya Street, 35,

Phone/fax: +7 (495) 272-44-07